The Beginning of the End

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Do you remember your childhood?

Boy, I do.

Or at least some of the most exciting times. I remember being twelve years old, sitting  in the middle of a field atop a dirt bike. I remember starring ahead at the massive ramp constructed of mud and grass far in the distance. I remember my body trembling from the rumble of the engine, and adrenaline. I would twist the throttle, revving the bike and psyching myself out.

My heart racing, my cheeks numb with nervous energy, I would pop the monster into first, slowly release the clutch, twist the throttle, and off I would go.  With each knew gear, I hammered harder on the throttle, the ramp drawing closer and closer with every second as wind whipped my long hair around my face.  When my front tire hit the bottom of the ramp, my stomach would tighten so hard and deep that through clenched teeth I’d grunt. The grunt would turn into a loud growl of “Oh yeah” as the bike tilted upward at tremendous speed. Listening to the bikes engine, counting the seconds in my head, at the pivotal moment, I would throw my body back, thrust my hells down, shifting my weight, and the weight of the metal monster  to the rear. That front tire had to be skyward by the time I hit the end of the ramp. Then,  there I was,  sailing through the air.  Twisting my legs right, and my upper body left, I commanded the creature to obey my commands. (I was twelve and these things come to mind in those simple times. ) Obedient, my machine obeyed, it’s body twisting in the air, wheels pointing right parallel to the ground far below.  Just as gravity struck, ordering our decent, we repeated the dance, only in reverse,  bringing the wheels vertical, the canyon floor rushing towards us. As if one, feeling each slow-motion-second, the back tire touched down. Sinking deep into mud before tearing out and shooting forward, there was an unseen, shared moment of triumph. We did it. we made a fantastic jump, and got some side-twist air to boot.   You see, when you ride a bike, no matter what type, the bike is part of you. You are family. You are connected. You become one.

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