– Great for flower lovers

– Ultra-Durable “Smash Proof” Design

– Keeps your medicine safe and discreet

– Sealed, making it water and odour proof

– Multi-purpose, can be used for herbs, pills, first aid kits, gels, creams, etc.


Keep your keys and medicine always within easy reach when you use this Medicine Fob Container.

This multi-purpose medicine fob helps to keep your medicine safe and discreet!

It’s made from extra-tough, smash-resistant and non-toxic aluminium alloy. Just pop in your pills, flower, or herb to always be ready to have a good time, wherever you go!  Use it to carry as well as to easily dispense your medicine. It’s great for keeping all your keys nicely organised, as well as for keeping your meds protected from any liquid damage. The Medicine Fob Container can also easily conceal the natural odour of its contents, meaning you don’t have to worry about giving off any smells to those around you! Stop putting your medicine in transparent and smell leaking containers!


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