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High Quality
CBD Products


High Quality
CBD Products

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Higher Perspective LLC is a company dedicated to honesty, integrity, and a great customer experience. We believe that life is meant to be lived… and most of all, enjoyed. Part of that philosophy is a belief in the natural products we offer, the benefits they provide, and that we as individuals, can all live a healthier life.

We believe that we can all accomplish anything we chose to believe is possible. We do not want just a customer number, we want to get to know you. We want to get to know your wants, your needs, so that we can work together to accommodate those needs and desires.


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Higher Perspective LLC
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
byMike onHigher Perspective LLC
Best taste

Best tasting flower!

byDavid F. onHigher Perspective LLC
I've only tried the Lifter flower, but enjoyed very much

Had the opportunity to try some of their flower recently, and
I must say that I'm impressed! Not only was the smell and taste
excellent, but the clear minded and uplifting feeling was far
better than other cbd flowers I have tried before. Would deffinatly

byMax cross onHigher Perspective LLC
Excellent product real smooth and amazingly helpful

Thank you

byPatrick onHigher Perspective LLC
Very pleased with the smokable hemp product takes care of my cronic lower back pain puts me at ease

Good stuff

byMsgt Chris berney onHigher Perspective LLC

I am a retired master sergeant of the air force. Several years ago, i suffered a massive stroke. Since i began smoking hemp frome higher perspective llc, I have noticed increased balance, imrproved memory, some restorartion of some motor function. Heck even my complexion improved. I can't express enough of what this product has done for my life.

byLaurie Webb onHigher Perspective LLC
So grateful!

Higher perspective LLC lifter hemp was a life saver. I had tried everything, even Ibruprophin, & nothing gave me any relief for the sciatica in my shoulder & leg, until I tried a sample of the lifter hemp.

It took away my overall achy stress, as well as the sharp pains.


It lasts for about 1/2 hour, but I love smoking it so that's not an issue for me.

I also experience a mild mood lift, which I like it keeps me calm, & still able to focus

Also as a singer I like it, because the smoke doesn't bother my lungs the way other types do.

byPatrick Williams onHigher Perspective LLC
Beyond pleased

Wow! Highly recommend this hemp flower/smokable… very smooth and enjoyable. The calming relief travels down your spine like a wave and then radiates from there to the rest of your body. No highness, no anxiety. I suffered from low back stiffness and pain for years until I used this amazing product. Such a calming effect you get plus an awesome night of sleep.

Do yourself a favor and give this a try,you wont be disappointed

byKevin onHigher Perspective LLC
Very happy

Very impressed with the hemp flower!

byKandi onHigher Perspective LLC
Hemp makes a great, natural anti-inflammatory

Hemp makes a great, natural anti-inflammatory. During a time when ibuprofen is not recommended, I am thankful to have a safe, natural alternative that provides quick relief. I am hypermobile and subject to inflammation in my body and I am so thankful to know that I have an option to live with less pain. The hemp from Higher Perspective is top notch. Thank you!

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Welcome to Higher Perspective

Higher Perspective LLC is a company dedicated to honesty, integrity, and a great customer experience. We believe that life is meant to be lived… and most of all, enjoyed. Part…
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